My job, such as it is, is to first and foremost stand as who I know I am. Which is also who you are.

That entails loving fiercely. Not compromising truth. Holding still in the face of every emotion, that you might be given the respect of fully feeling it. (And often, silently feeling it alongside you.)

Here’s the core of it: We might talk for quite some time about what you and I are not, and about who we are. Until this becomes real for us both, and every apparent boundary dissolves.

Then, standing together as our one shared Being, we move into considering how we live as Love in the apparent world. With that we might talk about relationships, businesses, families or education. We might then discuss climate, politics, money, toxic situations, opinions or dreams. These are the most ordinary conversations, with no need for connecting or practising listening—because we are present, and Presence is that which hears.

How do we show up as Love in the world?

. . .

There is literally no answer to that. Any single thing you or I could say is merely opinion. Doesn’t make it wrong, but only belief declares it ‘truth’.

Yet this I can say: If you believe yourself a separate being, you show up as ego. If you know yourself as Love, you show up as Love.

Pointing to the Love that we are. As jobs go, it expects its own extinction. As jobs go, it’s a good one.

With Love,

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