My Cat Has a Flickety Tail

My cat has a very flickety tail. Sounds like the start of a children’s storybook.

My cat has a flickety tail
A lot of the time he ignores it
A lot of the time he is happy

Sometimes he gets annoyed about the flickety tail
When he gets annoyed, his tail flicks more
When his tail flicks more, he gets more annoyed

Sometimes he tries to catch the flickety tail
Then he thinks he’s being attacked
So he gets more annoyed
You know what happens then

If I tickle his chin
He forgets the flickety tail
Guess what happens?
His tail quietens
Or it doesn’t
But now he’s no longer annoyed

We’re like this with our thinking, making up stories to justify our mood, not noticing it’s us creating it all along. It’s okay though, that’s a very human thing to do, we’re story makers.

If you want to talk more about being okay, even when your own flickety tail is very annoying, get in touch.

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