Living Life Sideways 2024

The world is turning, apparently. Unless you believe it’s flat.

Anyways, I’m being nudged into changing what I’m offering.

All my one-off individual calls are moving to members-only, because I think one-off calls without ongoing relationship can do more harm than good. But I’m still selling little blocks of five calls openly.

Membership is only £47 for a year. And that’s where I’m going to share my more “woo” stuff – readings, channelings, and so on.

There are new weekly groups, on a by-donation basis:

* SAE – Shared Awareness Expression. One of the best ways of stabilising awakening is to articulate it, in a group environment. It’s nothing more than taking it in turns to describe the essence of the current experience.

* Equilibrium Project – practising what it is to feel innate wellbeing in the face of life’s challenges… then go out and tackle them head on!

And there are courses:

* Realising Awakening – a three month meander through The Complete Book of Awakening, starting soon.

* Birth Your Book – nine months to get your book out of your head and into your hands, lots of online guidance and regular group coaching. And I’ll be producing a book on the same schedule, to show how it works. Start any time.

* Living Nonduality – a small and growing resource library of video answers to questions about nonduality that you can dip into as you feel called.

You’ll find everything here:

(And yes, I do call it “shop”, because it’s stuff I sell.)

With Love, Sara

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