You might not think you’ve been looking for enlightenment, but you have.

Let’s trace it back.

Here’s an example of a girl – but it might equally be any person, situation, circumstance, learning or thing:

You want the girl, and only this girl will do.
Let’s trace it back…

What you are looking for is a committed, passionate, intimate partnership. And the girl has become a proxy for that wish.
Let’s trace it back…

What you desire is comfort, pleasure, relief. And the partnership has become proxy for that desire.
Let’s trace it back…

What you yearn for is love, joy, freedom and abundance. And comfort, pleasure and relief have stood proxy for that yearning.
Let’s trace it back…

What you’ve been seeking, for as long as you’ve been seeking, is happiness. The knowing of your own Self. The lighting up of all that you are. Enlightenment. And you’ve sought that knowing in proxies.

And now, when I ask you if what you want is enlightenment or the girl, if you are deeply, deeply honest, you’ll probably say the girl (the boy, the family, the wealth, the wisdom, the talent, the car, the home, the health…)

Of course, maybe you’ll say you want enlightenment, because you think it’s the right answer.

Because you’ll nod and you’ll smile, and you say it makes intellectual sense, that to know our Self without distraction is to know love, joy, freedom and abundance. But you won’t feel it. It won’t be real for you. So you’ll tell me and yourself you agree with me, and go straight back to wanting the girl, the situation, the circumstance, the learning, or the thing, in order to be happy.

And that sounds harsh, right?

Yet, it’s the kindest thing. To ask you to pause, just for a moment. Not to give up on all that you want, but to consider you’ve been looking in the wrong places.

Let’s say that elusive girl turns around, says “yes”? Hooray. Lucky you. And seeking will pause because she’s been the object of your desire for so long. Naturally, you’ll credit her with the joy, the love, you feel. But it’s not in her gift to bring you love and joy. How can she bear that demand? And because you didn’t see through the seeking (in fact you were seduced into believing it true) even with the girl, the seeking will start up again. You’ll want more, just to reclaim that first high. You’ll blame her for not being the image of perfection you imagined. Conditions will pile up.

Maybe then you’ll be ready to trace it back?

To recognise that all your heart ever yearned for was love without condition. And all that ever masked unconditional love was the seeking of it in all the wrong places.

Maybe then you’ll be ready to explore the fullness of aware presence, without giving any credence to the residual belief that a proxy can deliver unconditional love?

Maybe then you’ll be ready to consider that to know your Self, exactly as you are, now, that is enlightenment, that is to know love, unconditionally.

Maybe you’re ready now?

Let’s trace it back, together.

With Love,

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