I’ve got the simplest possible message:

  • You are not bound by or to a body and mind;
  • You are aware, and awareness is unlimited;
  • You live in the world that lives in you.

And, if you like simple, you are done for today. That’s it.

It really is that simple. Yet, you might think I’d suggested something really bizarre, from the responses this provokes (that I’m lying, that I’m denying life, that I’m putting the cart before the horse, that I’m teaching it wrong, that I need to be some zen master of total acceptance and passivity, that I’m suggesting idiotic passivity, the list goes on, and that’s just the last week).

If you like a little more detail, this is for you . . .

First, not bound to or by a body and mind. If you want to explore this, call me. This recognition leaves you, briefly, nowhere. This is liberation. But it can be scary. Be with a community. A teacher, a friend. Don’t turn back now. That would be the greatest dissonance, the biggest lie. As Ramji Shantananda Saraswati is reported to have said, “In order to enter the big house, we have to first come out of the small house. then we sit for some time, in between the two, and gradually the memory of the big house comes to us.” So, a vital step.

Second, you are aware, and awareness is unlimited. Few deny their own awareness, or that awareness is the core of experience. (If you doubt it, though, call me, and I’ll help explain why, because I doubted it too, and it was a turning point for me.) Now, many assume their awareness is limited to the body-mind. Which is why the first step is so important. Awareness is unlimited might seem like a grand claim. And I’m happy to talk anyone through how I get from “you are aware” to “you are unlimited awareness”.

Third, you live in the world that live in you. Following the first two steps, this brings us fully home. As unlimited awareness, it is logical that any appearance is within us, made of us. Just ordinary language, nothing fancy. Everything we know of the world is within awareness. And we live it. Fully engaged. With preferences, opinions, choices. With pleasure and pain, With hope and hurt. Without the world being ‘other’. Without a single degree of separation. Without blame or guilt. We live all of it. 100% no denial of life.

This isn’t a solution to anything. It’s a simple understanding of what is. If you are drawn to explore, explore. I’m with you.

With Love,

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