Are you playing it small?

Have you gotten stuck in a rut, or even down a dead end?

Did you forget your dreams?

Now, if this were the standard personal development article, you’d expect me to be talking about performing in front of huge audiences, being famous or powerful, having the aspirational house (or two), money (money, money), or showing off the trophy partner.

But it’s not. So I won’t.

In fact, all of those are playing it small. Fame is a rut that is easy to get stuck in. Power and wealth are serious dead ends in the wrong hands. And the trophy partner is the epitome of the mid-life crisis in reaction to the recognition of abandoned dreams.

What’s the alternative?

It might be singing in the car, delivering your wisest words to a cat, or being known only for small kindnesses (and even then only by the recipients).

But certainly includes:

  • Going with the flow (and the flow might take you to preparing a five year plan, or working with great focus on a project);
  • Being single, unless your partner makes you laugh every day – even if it’s sometimes with more of a “If I don’t laugh, I’ll cry” vibe (I’m joking);
  • Recognising abundance is your nature, and expressed however it is expressed – whether supported, employed, running your own business, or living in the gift economy;
  • Knowing freedom is your nature, and has nothing to do with personal liberty or escaping the 9 to 5;
  • In fact, recognising your own true nature as freedom, compassion, love, joy, peace, and abundance. And living it.

What is living it?

Sharing who you know yourself to be. Not as an act of will-power, or in order to earn points – but because you can’t not. Recognising that we change the world by waking up one person at a time to the freedom that they are (preferably without making up new rules for how they have to see it and live it).

Are you living as freedom right now? If you aren’t, what you share is limitation.

If you are living as freedom, regardless of circumstances, then you are sharing freedom, because you can’t not. The only people who will object are those wedded to sharing a gospel of limitation.

Here we are, playing the game called life. If you aren’t living as freedom, then you are selling yourself short. It might be time to live knowingly as your own true nature.

It might be time to truly dream big.

Is it time to up your game?

With Love,

Check out the poem “All In” from my first book “quintessence: the poetry of true nature”, published by River Grove and available from me, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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