Is it all woo woo?

What if it just wasn’t that woo?

What if it wasn’t that quixotic?

What if it wasn’t even that esoteric?

What if some things are just at the frontiers of science?

What if we recognised that everyone has had an experience of being definitely “me”, but doing what the body is doing? We call it dreaming.

What if we recognised that everyone has experience of a warp in the space-time continuum? We call it gravity.

What if we recognised that we all knew the planets, stars and satellites affected life on earth? The moon and the sun, just to begin with…

What if we recognised that everyone has had an experience of total merging with another, even if only as a forgotten cuddle as a tiny baby? Or of merging with experience itself – immersed in music, dancing like no one is watching, lost in a sunset, or under a perfect shower?

We all unknowingly host spontanteous healings every day, that’s what the body does. It’s just some are a bit more dramatic and noticeable.

We all “hear” thoughts (insert your word of choice for how you experience thought). It’s just some people describe them as “spirit” and others as “imagination” (or intuition, wisdom or inspiration).

We all “transmit” energy to other people, it’s how humans inter-relate.

And what if the people who understood these expereinces more clearly didn’t claim any kind of special gift or status? Yeah, sure, they continue to use their skills, but just as any professional does?

The person on the stage talking about their NDE, or their healing, or their STE? They just happen to have a good story to tell.

And how about we don’t pretend we need 100% proof for there to be truth in something?

We don’t expect the technically best sprinter in the world to automatically win every race, or there’d be no point in racing. We don’t expect the strongest football team on paper to win every match, otherwise the betting industry would collapse. We don’t expect every human to have 20/20 vision, or even vision at all. We know that being human is not a perfect science.

Science advances, science changes based on evidence and probability. Humans change, they learn, they grow, they forget, they die.

So, maybe if you call something “woo” to make it feel more special, or you consider something “woo” as a put-down? Perhaps it is simply something that is at the forntiers of science?

What if it wasn’t that woo? What if it’s just future-ordinary?

With Love, Sara

Photo by Brad Switzer on Unsplash

glass sphere reflects trees and lake upside down

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