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Today, I’m sharing with you the introduction to my book, quintessence:the poetry of true nature. This was written way back last year, at the beginning of the publishing journey. But, reading it again yesterday, with the published book in my hand, I was reminded why we do this work. And there is huge gratitude for the people who have been a part of this for me, you know who you are.


Each of these poems represents an element of the inside-in understanding that I have immersed myself in over the last few years, and a lifetime of learning. None of them are a complete picture, and they all represent my own ever-shifting seeing. They can be read in any order, with no prior understanding.

I’ve been touched, pulling this collection together, as I hear the message of each poem as though for the first time. And it is a simple message. A message of exploration for its own sake. A message of the recognition of our true nature as love, freedom, peace, joy, beauty, and abundance. A message that starts to inform our everyday lives. We live more in alignment with the love that we are. Bit by bit, ego is cleaned up. We feel less separate. Sure, habitual thoughts will still arise. We might still feel anxious, angry, or hurt. But the more we know these feelings are not our identity, the shallower their roots.

This exploration points away from therapy, techniques, models, and beliefs and toward the core of experience. It points to what is, beyond judgements, perceptions, sensations, and feelings. It points to the only thing we can ever know for sure, that we are aware. And in awareness, we find the love, freedom, peace, joy, beauty, and abundance we have always been. Right here, right now. A wonderful exploration.

These writings come from the heart, not the head. Let love speak to love.

With Love,

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