I will hear you.

One of the most wonderful things about a nondual perspective is that it is not a religion or practice.

That means there is no creed, no declaration of belief. No belief is required, this is your direct experience. (See my previous article for what makes direct experience different from personal experience.)

And there is no doctrinal law making me good and you bad. No rule for diet, gender, sexuality, marriage, language, employment, money, location, community, medicine, opinion, or prayer.

There’s a suggestion that the knowing of your own being is the essence of all the freedom and love you ever sought. And that the only thing that can shake you off this axis is the living as though other.

Yes, I want you to be happy. Truly, deeply, enduringly happy (no madness required). The evidence is most deeply happy people have a nondual understanding, or a slightly more dual religious mystism.

So, without promoting or denying a single religion or opinion, I teach nonduality – the essence of your being.

If you believe that the tantra, compassion, or cold hard cash are routes to happiness – I will hear you.

If you want a particular relationship or job – I will hear you.

If you are in that wonderful, evangelical phase of a new diet or opinion – I will hear you.

If you feel like a victim, a hero or a rescuer – I will hear you.

If you attack or deride me for my opinions, looks, or work – even then I will hear you, though I will politely step aside.

I don’t need to agree with you. I don’t need to look like you, eat like you, exercise like you, pray like you, write like you, talk like you. I will still hear you.

I don’t need to put myself above you. Any conversation is a mutual exchange. I learn and grow. When you allow me to listen, advise or teach, you gift me your trust and your perspective. And I want to hear you.

I won’t interfere where it is not my place. I don’t need you to change. And Awareness certainly demands nothing of you beyond the invitation to a lived experience of love and freedom.

I ask you to hear me.

I will hear you.

With Love,

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