I Am Free

Everyone has an inkling in the back of the mind: “I am free. I’m not separate. I am love.”

And the ultimate expression of freedom in the world is for that inkling to be heard, either for what it is, or claimed by the ego.

When ego claims lack of separation, it shows up as desire to be with your ‘tribe’. To vilify anyone different. The other football team. A different race, religion or gender. Separation sees clients who can be gained or lost. Competition. Challenge.

Freed of the tyranny of ego, that inkling of lack of separation expresses itself as not seeing anyone as other. Not the homeless woman at the station. Not the corporate adversary. Not the battle-locked partner. Not our own bodies.

Look at the implications. Charity without sympathy or condescension is Love. Service without personal ownership is Love. Relationships without battle lines are Love. Living without needing concepts of ‘self-care’ to relate to our bodies—that, too, is Love.

May the inklings of freedom, of absence of separation, of love begin to express themselves without the tyranny of ego.

May we stand as Freedom, as One, as Love.

With Love,

Woman standing on rocks

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