I’m frequently asked to write about the topic of ‘separate realities’.

For the uninitiated, this is the theory that 100% of our experience is a construct of thought, and therefore we live in entirely separate realities.

I’ve started writing maybe 50 times. And each time it became complicated and academic. Which, while interesting to a nerd like me, is merely a diversion.

Here’s the short of it. (You want the long version? Give me a call.)

If you believe this theory of separate realities, then me, the screen you read on, and these words are all a product of your own mind.

It sounds a bit stark:
No relationship with anyone, just with your own thought.
No touch, just a thought-created sensation.
No apple to taste, no colour red, no conversation, no dance . . .

There’s not really anywhere to go from there. I’m not going to argue with a “it seems to me . . .”, because, after all, you don’t believe I’m real (at least, not in your reality).

Of course, perhaps you have an inkling that all this occurs within the ‘space’ of one infinite and eternal Consciousness, rather than inside a personal mind?

Cool. This opens the possibility, just the possibility, that while separation might be extrapolated from appearance, it’s not real. That there is a single reality, and all appearances are dancing vibrations, shimmering modulations of that shared reality.

Now we can explore, together.

With Love,

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