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HOME: The Nondual Path To Happiness

A relaxed exploration of all things nondual.
We'll be beginning from first principles and leaving nothing out.
In six months we're going to establish happiness as the foundation of being.

Way Finding

Establishing the foundations of healthy exploration. Developing the tools that mean we can test and challenge everything we find on this journey into the nature of our true reality.

Coming Home

Exploring the essence of being.
Uncovering the deep peace, joy, freedom and ease of being fully grounded and centred. Finding the alchemy that makes this our regular experience of self.


Reconnecting to grace in all circumstances. Bringing the understanding who we are into every aspect of life. Growing into the grace of authentic engagement, fun and love.

Who Is It For?

Anyone who wants to live from authentic happiness.

Whether you are totally new, or an experienced student of nonduality, this programme brings something for you. Because we all have experienced parts of life that look like reasons we can’t be happy.

Our inspiration is to shine a light on the simplest, most authentic path to a reliable happiness that can hold all emotion, all experiences. As we integrate our learning into an everyday understanding, we make better decisions, enjoy life more, and struggle much, much less.

What's Included?

* A Facebook Group to ask questions, share insights and interact (if you don’t like FB, there is a way to save the group as a direct link from your phone, so you never have to search for us).

* Live calls, fully recorded and shared with the group via this website. Calls will (mostly) be second and fourth Fridays, at 12 noon, for two hours. And monthly Q&A calls on a Thursday evening (UK).

* We’d love you to join us live, but if timing doesn’t allow you will have the opportunity to ask questions in advance, and after each call. Anything we don’t get to in a call will be answered in the group.

* And if you don’t know what your question even is, have a quick chat with us on Messenger, WA, Signal (etc), and we’ll help you get to a question you can share in the group.

* If you’d like more support, upgrade for mentoring, at mutually agreed times. 

What's It All About?

Here are the 12 topics we’re covering. We’ll start chatting in the group a few days before the first call, and stay on that topic until a few days before the next call:

1. Already Home: The Nondual Path & The Three Pillars of Exploration

2. The Separate Self: Concept & Shifting Identity

3. The Stepping Stone: Observer Stance

4. Coming To Presence: The Nature of Awareness

5. Living as Awareness: Unshakeable Peace & Unconditional Being

6. Beyond Boundaries: Time, Space & Matter

7. Ethics: Truth, Morality & Beyond

8. Healing: Conditioning & Deconditioning

9. Physicality & Practicality: Body & World

10. Understanding Personality: Expression & Being Ordinary

11. Utter Simplicity: Talking About The Understanding

12. Always Home: Ending Where We Began

Still got questions?

Have a quick chat with me, I’m happy to help.

Or message me for a quick reply.

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