Real Relationships: The Nondual Way
Making real shifts in your relationships with self, others and the world.

There is one wish that echoes in every heartbeat: The desire, right here, right now, to be brilliantly, transparently, shamelessly happy, free, and at peace with all that is.

Because being at peace with all that is stands as your foundation for truly inspired living – whether as a warrior, an entrepreneur, a creative, a caregiver, or an adventurer.

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Working together

Our work together is about real relationships - with self, with others, with the world. We address whatever doesn't sit easy, whatever distresses you, and the things that look impossible. We're breaking free of expectation and assumption, both those put upon us and those we project. We'll explore, establish and embrace what it is to be YOU.

Resilience Foundations

Finding the power to be your own best friend. Addressing habits and patterns of behaviour, relationships and simple personal growth.

Unshakeable Wellbeing

Moving beyond trauma, belief and stagnant emotion to the freedom to live in balance. Transforming our understanding of success.

True Spirituality

Exploring the nature of being as a route into a deeply integrated life. Finding the alchemy in your own soul that unlocks abundance.

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Our paradigm is how we see all of life – a worldview, if you like. When it shifts, it’s like being turned upside down and shaken.

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There comes, in any adventure, a tipping point. What kind of tipping point? Glad you asked. It depends on the circumstances. (And if anyone told you circumstances are irrelevant, think again.)

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I have one aim, to empower people to uncover the innate happiness that will guide them in the full-hearted living of life.

Living Life Sideways is a movement towards an increasingly happy and fulfilled life, as an ever clearer expression of your highest ideals and insights.

With You, making shifts real,

My work is not suggested to be an alternative to medical referral, psychological treatment or specialist training. It stands alongside and supports these modalities.