Syd Banks is quoted as saying frequently “Go live your life.” And lots of people have opinions about what he meant. I’ve no idea, it could have been anything from “You’ve nothing more to learn,” to “You’re just annoying me.”

Regardless, “Go live your life,” is a very valuable part of the teaching. And this is what I mean by that…

The very first thing is it’s a great reminder to me. For me. When words are being chucked around like weapons, whether in direct attack or thinly disguised as “banter”, it’s easy to take a direct hit. And that isn’t pleasant. “Go live your life” reminds me that it doesn’t matter. That those who sling poisoned words are no different to me. That their selfishness is mine. That their ignorance is mine. And that curling up on the sofa with a cat, going for a walk, listening to loud music or meeting with clients is equally (if not more so) where it’s at. That the social media ponds in which I swim are pretty small, and the ocean of Awareness is infinite—no comparison is required, possible or even desirable. So I go live my life, I lick my wounds, and I get over the idea myself and move beyond all my oh-so-righteous indignation.

It’s also a reminder in my teaching. Naturally, some will stay with me in the conversation, just as I stayed. But that’s not a goal. The goal, if there is one, is to know what we’re not, to know our own being, and to remain as the peace, joy, freedom, abundance, love of that knowing in all of life.

What could be a more natural part of growing up? To clearly recognise who we are. To see who it is that knows all experience, and to rest as that, whatever the experience. It’s not woo-woo new age spirituality. It’s not pop psychology. It’s basic. Which isn’t an insult. Just basic. How can you build self-esteem, when you don’t know who the self is? (And when you do know, why would you need to?) What is self-care, when you don’t know who the self is? What does it say for self-confidence, when you aren’t even confident in who the self is?

Of course, oh of course, no one NEEDS to know who they are to be happy. No one had to teach the baby how to be happy. But we somehow were taught how to be unhappy—how to feel separated from happiness. And therefore to seek happiness. And therefore to pin the tail of circumstance on the donkey of happiness, and call it a cause. We learnt how to pontificate about thinking, chasing our own tail so fast we ended up exhausted, opted-out, or up our own arse. It’s because of that conditioning that it becomes necessary for us to talk about who we are. That’s why we look to discard the conditioning that took us away from the natural knowing of our Self.

Now, it makes sense to me that this enquiry does not stop too soon, does not leave loose ends flapping. Know that you are not produced by, resident in, or supervising a body. Know yourself as timeless aware presence. Then reclaim the world, body and mind as the dance of the Self.

That is what it is to go live your life. To know life as a dance of the Self.

With Love,

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