Getting Unstuck

Are you truly happy in your relationships, work, and daily life? Then this programme is NOT for you! For everyone else, read on...


To begin with, we need to spend time getting a full picture of what's going on for you - practically, emotionally and mentally. This is deep and confronting work.


This isn't about condoning behaviour or putting up with anything. It's an opportunity to re-examine everything with new eyes. As you see more, moving forward will become possible.


You need a plan. Especially in emotive or complex situations. And that plan needs to reflect your values, your priorities and your wellbeing. So that's what we do here.

Who Is It For?

Anyone who wants to live from authentic happiness, but isn’t.

Whether you are not feeling fulfilled in a relationship, bored or stressed at work, noticing you are surrounded by frustrated people, seeing yourself repeating the same unhealthy patterns, or even seeing your kids start to repeat those same patterns – this is for you.

We’re avoiding the traditional pattern of raising and addressing one issue at a time. because experience shows the first few issues raised create a smoke screen or distraction from what’s really going on. Because what’s going on is painful, confusing and scary. This programme follows a simple process that puts you back in control of how you feel, and enables clear and effective solutions to be planned. 

Our inspiration is to shine a light on the simplest, most authentic path to a reliable happiness that can hold all emotion, all experiences. As we integrate our learning into an everyday understanding, we make better decisions, enjoy life more, and struggle much, much less.

What's Included?

Six weekly modules to work through in your own time.

* Six intensive weekly mentoring calls, to keep you moving forward.

* Exercises to complete each week to integrate the material into your understanding.

* References to external resources, to grow your knowledge and toolkit.

* Downloadable audio and graphics, to serve as reminders for you. 

* Six meditations, designed to fit with each stage of the process.

What's It All About?

It’s a process. That means we do the right things in the right order. Each week builds on the previous. At the end of six weeks you have everything you need to take action.

The programme offers a stepping stone into a renewed sense of self, of values and priorities, and of what it takes to get where we want to go.

Even if you come to me as a couple, I’ll work with you individually. This allows each of you to fully explore your triggers, your feelings and your needs in a safe space without judgement.

Still got questions?

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  • Getting Unstuck

    This flagship programme gives you the tools to get yourself unstuck from where you are, in relationships, business or life generally. If you are here, you've probably got everything you need to join the programme. But if not, you are welcome to contact me to ask questions now. This six week programme takes you from where you are to a clarity