For All of You

For all of you hurting, grieving or feeling lost. 
For all of you who are angry, with a point to prove. 
For all of you seeking the key to life’s problems. 
For all of you climbing the ladder to reach the stars. 

For all of you. 

You are the ones who’ve noticed the world is not making you happy. Maybe you feel like it’s failed you? Or that you’ve failed it? Or that it has secrets to reveal, that you just haven’t got there yet?

The world is not making you happy. You’re right. How could it? The world does not have the power to make you happy. 

Notice that the world comes and goes in your experience. With each thought, it’s created anew. What remains is the happiness you seek. Profoundly simple. What was there all along, while you looked for it in the world. So ordinary, it can hide in plain sight.

For all of you who’ve noticed the world is not making you happy. Look instead to what is permanent and reliable. 

For all of you.

With Love,

Silhouette of a woman in the woods

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