Follow Your Heart

If you’ve followed my writing for a while, this title might surprise you. I’m normally talking about Awareness, or not being a body-mind, or some such. And, at first glance, “follow your heart” sounds a bit new age positive thinking for me. The opposite of my normal posts, even. But it’s not. And here’s why:

To truly follow your heart, you must know what your heart is. And, in this case, your heart is not the 300 grams (or around 10 ounces) of cardiac muscle charged with pumping blood around a body.

And your heart is not a transient emotion. Something that sparks, ripples through awareness and dissolves.

Words such as passion, purpose and love spring up. And it’s good to know these are not things that need to be found and owned. Indeed, they cannot even be known. They are knowing itself. The intimate and direct recognition of our own being.

As you establish your identity in your heart, it is natural to follow it out into the world. To be the expression of passion, of purpose, of love.

More than that. Your heart is not found in the body or mind. But in the knowing of awareness itself. To follow your heart is to stand firm in this knowing, and to let the world come to you.

Follow your heart. Without ever leaving home.

With Love,

LED heart on beach

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