Energy Reader/Healing Conduit: Sharon Barbell

Sharon Barbell

Q1: Can you tell me a little about your background?

For 33 years I was a hypnotherapist in private practice. I also spent many years teaching classes, workshops, and seminars, as well as doing lectures and talks on topics such as: healing from trauma; looking within; meditation; the psycho-spiritual connection to health; past-life regression; the spirit world and other metaphysical subjects; and, of course, hypnotherapy.

I’ve been hearing the voice of Spirit on and off my whole life. I’ve always quietly known there is more to this existence than what we’re taught to believe. So, the openness and search for that connection were always present, though I probably couldn’t have articulated it. I’ve always been homesick for my real home, which I now call Spirit or the Source of All Creation.

Q2: What drew you to Your Area of work initially?

I met someone who was a hypnotherapist and past-life regressionist. At the time, she was on staff at the Edgar Cayce A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment). I had a wonderful opportunity to witness a regression she facilitated with someone else and I was hooked. She gave me some reading material and the more I learned, the more I knew this was the beginning of something big and important for me.

Q3: What training do you have?

I am certified as a hypnotherapist, but the bulk of my “training” has come through experience and communion with my spirit teachers. I’ve also read extensively, which has contributed quite a lot to my knowledge base.

Q4: What fields/modalities do you work with, and why?

I “read” peoples’ energy fields through a method my guides taught me. We loosely refer to this as AuraTouch. I can psychically go through an energy field and feel it in a tactile way. Through this process, I find various things.

Sometimes I find a discarnate entity (spirit) who needs to be released to the Light because they never crossed over. That’s called spirit releasement.

Other times, I locate emotional energy blocks that need to be healed, or at least acknowledged. Some are what we call emotional imprints. These are old patterns that no longer serve us. Others are more active, but come up because they need attention. We work with breath, affirmations, inner child healing, and anything else that will serve the individual.

Sometimes, spirits from the other side or guides use this as an opportunity to come forward, so then I act as a medium and sometimes, a conscious channel. I also provide mentorship to highly sensitive people and empaths.

Q5: What special skills do you have?

I am a natural-born empath, which is to say, I’m not only a highly sensitive person—meaning I can tell what’s going on with others energetically—but I am also able to literally have their experience, whether it’s emotional, mental, or physical. I’ve become skilled at using this gift, so I choose when and where to turn it on and off. This adds another level of compassion to my work.

I’m also clairaudient, closed-eyes clairvoyant (I see through my third eye), clairsentient, etc., so my connection to Spirit is very strong. I work blindfolded to open and activate my pineal gland. This means I can see, hear, and feel clearly. It’s like seeing people in a raw state, rather than just their physical presentation.

Q6: What happens during a session with you?

My sessions usually last approximately two hours, though sometimes longer. It’s a slow go, especially at first, as I’m trying to understand both the client’s energy that day and the messages I’m getting from Spirit. But, the pace often picks up a bit as we go. The sessions can sometimes be very emotional, as old difficulties rise to the surface for attention and cleansing. With a 33-year background in which I helped clients heal from trauma, I understand that this release is perfectly healthy. No one ever has to be afraid they’ll be judged or invalidated during a session.

Q7: Do you have a set procedure for your clients?

I treat each person as an individual with their own unique needs and perspective. There is no right or wrong on a spiritual level. Each of us is here to learn lessons and grow. Challenges come up for all of us so we can move in those directions. Nothing is our fault, but everything we experience internally is our responsibility. When we rise to the occasion of self-responsibility and compassion, healing naturally occurs.

Q8: What is the outcome of your work?

What happens during the course of my work is usually deep healing. Since I act as the conduit between Spirit and the client, the client benefits from the energy work of the healers in Spirit and from their own desire, willingness, and readiness to step out of pain, struggle, and dis-empowerment into freedom, peace, and light. The client also benefits from my three-plus decades of experience.

Q9: Is there a common theme that brings clients to you?

It is the strong desire to heal both the self and the world that runs as a connecting thread through my clientele. These people are awake, know what’s going on, and who they are—even if that knowing is all intuitive. They are either deeply spiritual and gifted themselves, or they are at the beginning of their journey into that deeper level of comprehension. They know that heart- and soul-centered healing is what they’re looking for. These are beautiful people who feel the need for introspection, knowing that inward is the way forward. They want to liberate their inner light so it can shine brightly throughout the cosmos.

Q10: If there is one thing you would like everyone to know, what is it?

Each of us has a light that is the same as that of the Creator. It is time for all our light to arise and, like a beacon, usher us out of the dark, uncertain birth canal into a scintillating golden age. We chose to be here for this occasion. It is here, upon us. And every one of us who came to do this work must understand that our own healing is at the core of it all. For, truly, when we heal ourselves, we heal the world.

I want every person to know they are magnificent!

Q11: If we’re sick is it our fault?

No! Although there is an emotional aspect to illness, there are many others. Do not blame yourself. You’ve done nothing wrong.

Q12: Are we meant to have all the answers?

No. Ours is to ask the questions, do our healing to the best of our ability, and embrace the mystery of what remains. If something comes up during a session, it’s happening for a reason. It is not for me to ask why, but for the client to understand that, whatever it is, it’s in need of attention, even if the client thinks they’ve dealt with it many times before. Sometimes revisits are necessary in order to deal with new facets of an old problem.

Q13: Is there an average amount of time a client works with you?

There is no average amount of time a client works with me. Every person is individual, so we’re working on different things. It is often more than one session, but not always.

Q14: How do you know when a client is healed and ready to go it alone?

The client can usually tell when the work is complete based on how they feel. Our work here as humans is never really finished, of course, but when someone feels lighter, calmer, and more compassionate toward themselves and others, that’s a great sign. I can confirm by looking at the energy field of the client, as well.

I would say we are probably never really finished with our healing. Life is about learning and growth. If there’s more life to live, there is more healing to be done. This is okay. Take your expectations and toss them aside. Be in this moment as much as possible and appreciate where you are on this grand and mysterious journey.

Q15: What happens after a client stops working with you?

I really don’t know, unless they keep in touch. Hopefully, they’ve learned enough to continue their self-care. Life tends to be all about management. How well do we manage our needs and do we honor ourselves in the process? It all sounds rather self-centered, but since we can only give who we are, we really need to take this approach in order to extend our very best into the world around us.

Q16: What advice can you give us to support our own Well-Being?

Make time for self-care on every level. Every ounce of healing and growth relies on this one thing. Always be kind and gentle with yourself. This is also known as self-compassion. It’s the only thing that heals.

  • Acknowledge and validate your feelings (I know you’re there; it’s okay.) Emotions are messengers. What are they coming to tell you?
  • Add stillness and meditation to your day.
  • Learn to be your own best friend.
  • Be as good as possible to your body (best quality food, water, movement, rest, etc.).
  • Clean your mental house. Which thoughts bring you peace and joy, and which do not? Learn to change the channel.

Q17: Do you offer any follow-up or maintenance services?

Yes, I offer follow-up and/or maintenance services, but those are just like a standard call. I take time to do an updated energy reading and heal whatever is necessary.

Q18: If people are interested in being a practitioner, where do they start?

It all depends on what they want to do. I used to be a hypnotherapist and it’s fairly simple to find that training. To add a spiritual side, complete with past-life regression, I would suggest QHHT, which was started by Dolores Cannon and continues under the leadership of her daughter, Julia Cannon. I never had the opportunity to learn this method, but I certainly would do it now if I hadn’t been led in this other direction. Otherwise, I’d suggest honing your gifts and doing that by looking inward. All answers are found within.Trust that Spirit will guide you to the teachers who are right for you.

Q19: What key services do you offer?

I offer energy readings and healings, and highly sensitive and empath mentoring. Once in awhile, someone contacts me specifically for spirit releasement and, though I do that as part of a regular reading if it presents itself, I do conduct sessions that are solely for that purpose.

Q20: How do people get in touch if they want to find out more?

For more information, people can get in touch through my website:

I can also be reached via email at:

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