You’ll notice I use quotes or refer to respected teachers and researchers when I’m writing or speaking. These are always to illustrate something, or to open us up to further exploration. The point I’m making will always stand alone.

That is because in my writing or speaking I’m not passing on technical skills, I’m sharing the nondual teaching. The teaching points us all to the immanence, transcendence and knowing of Awareness – and this we find in our own direct experience, as our own direct experience.

Of course, it makes sense to have support through this nondual exploration, for a number of reasons:

  • First, to stabilise in the new paradigm, which is a fundamental shift from the old operating model.
  • Second, to help unravel conditioning on behalf of the not-Self that limits or taints our experience.
  • Third, to guide the deepening in a way that is expansive, not restrictive.
  • Fourth, to develop a coherent articulation – whether to share with others or simply for our own mental clarity.

This last is why I don’t base my teaching on other people’s words. Yes, my understanding began to come from the background into the foreground thanks to the work of others. And I still listen to a wide section of teachers to support my further learning. I might even share little snippets, when they seem relevant.

But my articulation is my own. How could it be otherwise? My articulation brings a universal knowing through the experienced filter of this life. My articulation continues to support my growing clarity and further exploration – and sometimes shows me the holes where I’ve got an idea that isn’t clear.

Is your articulation your own? Or are you trying to make someone else’s words fit?

We’ll experience ourselves with more joy, peace, freedom and love as we speak with increasing intellectual clarity from a deeply embodied sense of the essence of Being. But don’t quote me on that.

With Love,

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