Here’s a very brief note on what “direct experience” means, because I’ve been asked a few times this week.

Short answer:

Direct experience is that which you can know DIRECTLY.

But, and here’s the rub, “directly” excludes books, videos, social media, other people, animals and trees. Directly excludes memory, imagination and worry. It excludes everything that comes to us via the five senses (perception), emotion, sensation and thought.

What’s left?

What’s left in direct experience is the essence of all experience. In its purer forms, it’s a wordless, formless knowing. In language, we might say “I know I’m aware”, “I am present”, “There is aware presence”.

In other words, direct experience reveals itself as nothing more or less than the I am, consciousness, awareness, void.

When we explore direct experience, it is never personal – it’s always the impossible journey into the nature of knowing, into that which is.

With Love,

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