Nonduality means “not two” or “one undivided, without a second”. And that refers to all of known reality.

It does not mean:
– A reality divided in two, part dual, part nondual;
– A reality mostly divided in two, but with an overlap called “human”;
– A reality of nonduality, containing duality.

It means a singular, infinite reality. No separation. Nonduality does not require duality to exist. In fact, it means that duality does not exist.

By now, if you have any sense, you’ll be saying, “But, Sara, I see people and animals and trees, and all manner of things.” Then, good. That’s not duality. That’s an ever-shifting array of appearances within the one reality. (Indeed, we say these people, animals, trees and all manner of things are made of the reality in which they appear. But that’s a conversation for another day.)

All appearances are real, their reality borrowed from the ultimate reality within which they appear, and of which they are made. More real, because they are known not to be outside, not to stand apart from that one reality.

And if nothing stands apart from the singular reality, who we are is that reality. We live in the world that lives in us.

To reiterate: nonduality means “not two”. It does not require duality in any way.

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