Deborah 12th September 2020

I am very close to you at this time.

If you want my blessing, all you need is a dedication to this mission of birthing a new earth. I can tell you that your first (and possibly only) contribution is to know and love yourself exactly as you are.

Then open your eyes. There is no time for self-doubt or self-indulgence. Trust me, your worries and debates are also indulgences.

It is time to step into your power.

If you hear me now, you can call on any one who lets me speak through them, There are a host of women (and some men) who are ready, and whom I can equip for this transformation.

Stop thinking small. Or, think small and ignore it.

Thought is not your master. You have no master.

You are FREE. Live like you know it.

I can help, when I am asked.

And so it is. Shalom.

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