Chi Practitioner: Norval Rhodes

Norval Rhodes

Q1: Can you tell me a little about your background?

I have always been a little different; growing up I was able to see and feel things that others couldn’t. My background includes 21 years in the United States Air Force. This provided me with the chance to learn from others in places like Korea, Japan, and Hawaii.

Q2: What drew you to energy work initially?

To answer that question, I must first say my view about religion is neither right nor wrong but just my view. I felt that something was missing with religion. After spending over 20 years researching and studying the two major religions, I concluded that all is connected to Oneness.

Q3: What training do you have?

I am certified to do Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), The Emotion Code, and Ho’oponopono. Along with hundreds of hours of training in those modalities and others. Plus I never stop trying to improve my hybrid modality by reading all the materials I can.

Q4: What areas do you work in, and why?

My primary focus is with the following: heart wall, aura, planes, body systems, glands, fluids, scars, chakras and “SHINE” (this last is an assessment of sleep, hormones, infection, nutrition and exercise). Each area has a little something different about it and what I found about healing energy is that the more specific you are the quicker the results.

Q5: How does trauma affect our bodies?

Every interaction we have, everything we see, hear, taste, touch, smell, and the feelings we get from our experiences are stored in our memories, and by proxy, stored within our bodies. But the problem is not the trauma alone but the fact that it was left unresolved. When left unresolved the subconsciousness replays the trauma over and over and the body reacts as though it is happening again and again.

Q6: Can you explain how emotional trauma attaches to physical scars, as an example?

Here is an analogy to best help one to understand scars. Life-force energy flows through the body like rivers, and scars are like trash thrown into the river. At some point, the trash will start to slow down the flow of the river, then over time, more trash will pile up in that same location blocking the flow of water. Scars work the same way.

Q7: Can you describe how you assess the various elements?

I believe in Oneness which is the concept that everything in the universe is connected. This Oneness is primarily energy, and energy is information. Tapping into the energy field will provide information on anyone no matter where they are located.

Q8: What healing techniques do you use?

The primary healing techniques that I use are intention, sound, crystals, emotions/traumas removals, and colors.

Q9: Are some techniques more appropriate to certain areas or types of trauma?

I wouldn’t say that some techniques work better to certain areas or types of traumas, but some techniques do resonate with particular people because of their beliefs.

Q10: Describe distance healing. What does a client need to do when you’re working?

The term I use for distance healing is “non-local” healing. This where the practitioner and clients do not have to be in the same room or even in the same country. Because we are all connected energetically the results from non-local healing will be the same as a face-to-face healing. In most cases, the client doesn’t know that I am working on them unless they are in tune with their bodies and they will feel a slight rush of energy. I would prefer them to just relax.

Q11: Can you say something about inter-generational trauma, how it is passed, and how it affects us?

As mentioned previously, unresolved traumas do not go away until it is brought to the surface. You can have generational traumas still impacting your body from something your great grandmother experienced. People are quick to say that we look or act like a grandparent, but they have a harder time accepting that our grandparent’s unresolved traumas were passed on to us. The same blueprint that we got in those chromosomes from our parents that gave us those grandparents’ or parents’ features also contained information about their lives. So we tend to react to or relive those same traumas as if they were ours.

Q12: When working on inter-generational trauma, are you healing me or them?

Both! But not your kids, if you have any. Not all the kids or siblings will have that trauma in them because not all kids receive the same chromosomes from their parents.

Q13: Is there an average amount of time a client works with you?

Most of the clients I get came to me because they have a chronic issue. If that issue is inter-generationally based it usually takes about three months.

Q14: How do you know when a client is healed or stabilized to a point where self-healing might happen?

Self-healing happens after each session because all healing is self-healing. What I do as a practitioner is to assist you in your healing journey. Most people stay with me a little longer than they need to, because of the inability to detach from the healing session. Which I understand because working on yourself you are heavily invested in the outcome.

Q15: What happens after a client stops receiving treatment?

I stress that healing has to be a part of your daily lives because there are things that you are exposed to that will decrease your vital energy every single day. Including the air we breathe, the people we are around, and even the food we eat. I can do as many sessions as you prefer but there will always be sessions left to do. For example, I love working out and have been working out most of my life. But let me take a week off, and when I go back it’s like starting over again. It’s hard work. Energy healing is the same if you are not doing anything you are falling behind.

Q16: What advice can you give us to support our own energy?

Everything we do has an emotional element associated with it, so the best thing to do is learn how to forgive yourself and others, and be limited your judgments. Other than that, get back to basics as much as possible. The body is an amazing organ, it is designed to self-heal and all that is requires of us is to limit our stress, spend time outdoors in the sunshine with connection to the earth, move around, drink clean water, and learn how to breathe properly. It’s that simple.

Q17: Do you offer any follow-up or maintenance services?

When it comes to maintenance services, I leave it up to the client.

Q18: If people are interested in being a practitioner, where do they start?

Start with a national organization first. That way you can get proven training and credibility.

Q19: What key services do you offer?

I offer three primary services: heart wall removal, chakra clearing & balances, and body health sessions.

Q20: How do people get in touch if they want to find out more?

I can be emailed at, and my website is