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Book an exploratory call now… The fee for the exploratory call acts as a deposit against any coaching package booked within the following 48 hours. book a free exploratory call Conversation: A one-off or series of meetings, online or in-person – to talk about what you want to talk about. This can cover nonduality, resilient … Read more


Integrity Consent is Freely Given, Knowledgeable and Informed Agreement #FGKIA Consent Awareness Network What is Integrity In Spiritual Teaching? As a spiritual teacher, coach or guide, I commit to: Empowering you. Living what I teach. Upholding the standards of mutual respect, compassion and safety.¬† Being honest about my scope and referring when appropriate. Remaining open … Read more


Writings & Let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences. Sylvia Plath Articles My nondual blog, where nothing is off the table. We explore the nature of nonduality, it’s implications in life, and how to tune in to your own guidance mechanisms. See All Articles Books Published poetry, and photo-illustrated mini books … Read more


And if who we are is what is sought, the search stops here. Who I Am Hi, I’m Sara I’m a writer, a coach, a teacher, a wife, and a serf to several rescue cats. I currently serve as a board member for the Association for Spiritual Integrity, My own journey over the last 30 … Read more

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Real Spirituality More details coming soon. You are, of course, welcome to book individual calls with me from the “services” page.

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Already Home The current live programme is now closed to new applicants. A self-study version of the course will be available shortly. You are, of course, welcome to book individual calls with me from the “services” page.

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There comes a point where the pain of staying stuck outweighs the discomfort of facing our challenges head on. Who Is It For? Anyone who is basically doing great, but has one thing that still bothers¬† them. Whether you are not feeling fulfilled in a relationship, bored or stressed at work, noticing you are surrounded … Read more

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HOME: The Nondual Path To Happiness A relaxed exploration of all things nondual.We’ll be beginning from first principles and leaving nothing out.In six months we’re going to establish happiness as the foundation of being. with Shaun Browne and Sara Priestley Booking Now Open – Click Here To Book Way Finding Establishing the foundations of healthy … Read more


Services Foundations – Wellbeing – Spirituality Resilience Foundations Finding the power to be your own best friend. Addressing habits and patterns of behaviour, relationships and simple personal growth. Reconnecting to grace in all circumstances. Unshakeable Wellbeing Moving beyond trauma, belief and stagnant emotion to the freedom to live in balance. Bringing our understanding of success … Read more