The Kinship 7th October 2020

We love you. We’re know this is tough. And we’re sorry. But it is vital that you know this distress. That you know the pits of despair. As a healer, you must walk the dark path. This is the harshest calling. To return to the shadows, over and over. To forget, to feel abandoned. And … Read more

Deborah 12th September 2020

I am very close to you at this time. If you want my blessing, all you need is a dedication to this mission of birthing a new earth. I can tell you that your first (and possibly only) contribution is to know and love yourself exactly as you are. Then open your eyes. There is … Read more

The Kinship 10th September 2020

We love you. We have a question for you: When did you give your power away? Did you forget the most powerful agent for change is joy? The infectiousness of a child’s giggle. A squeal of excitement. A scream of exhilaration. Your joy is the most precious of gifts. Use it. Exercise it. Let it … Read more

The Kinship 8th September 2020

This is a message of love, from our hearts to yours. This is not a time to be trying to change the world. Trust us, a new earth is inevitable. And the difference will be beyond your wildest dreams. So stop piffling around with niceties. Now is not the time for pretty. Now is the … Read more