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The nondual teaching is like a painted sign on a clear glass door that from the outside says, “Bizarrely complex, hard to understand, bit woo, maybe not for me.” But from the inside the same sign reads “Simple.” Let’s try to make it simple from the outside too.

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The Front of the Room

In any personal-spiritual development group, there is always someone at the front of the room. But how they show up in the role varies dramatically. Here are a few models: You can probably think of others, most likely hybrids of some of these. And you’ve probably passed through groups with one or more of these models. Have you noticed how you respond to each type of leader? When you are overawed by them, when you defer to them, when you run a mile from them, when you get frustrated by them, when you hardly notice them? Perhaps you notice where

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The Trouble with Dreams

We so often buy into a dream. Into an ideal.
We buy into how we think things could be, should be, ought to be.
Buying in is very different from simply imagining, planning or intending.

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The Hardest Word is Goodbye

Leaving a cult, cult-like group, MLM, or controlling relationship of any kind ain’t easy. It’s not just seeing through to the reality of the behaviours and their impact – which itself is not simple from the inside. First there is a massive recalibration of every experience in that group or relationship: If this person I respected can be this cruel and manipulative to one person for no good reason, how do I now see all the other times they were aggressively reactive, but I believed the ‘reasons’? If they misled me about money or other promised result, what else isn’t

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Our paradigm is how we see all of life – a worldview, if you like. When it shifts, it’s like being turned upside down and shaken.

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There comes, in any adventure, a tipping point. What kind of tipping point? Glad you asked. It depends on the circumstances. (And if anyone told you circumstances are irrelevant, think again.)

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I won’t interfere where it is not my place. I don’t need you to change. And Awareness certainly demands nothing of you beyond the invitation to a lived experience of love and freedom. I ask you to hear me. I will hear you.

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