Because You Are Already Worth It

We all (well, most all) know that the worth of a person is not in what they achieve.

When we’re faced with the big stuff, we know not to measure value by age, athleticism, health, wealth or relationships.

Yet in the smaller times, we’re inundated with messages that somehow make right where we are “less than”. 

And I do believe the people selling the anti-aging, muscle-building, weight-losing, money-making or relationship-acquiring schemes are doing it with the best of intentions. But I also suspect that there may be a subconscious motivation of they themselves feeling less-than. Could be wrong. 

There’s nothing amiss with any of that stuff. If it’s your thing, fill yer boots, as they say. I love a good workout (within the limits of what this scarred body can do). And I kinda like what money currently buys – though I also love many things money can’t touch.

But pretty much everything we invest in from the position of “less than” will backfire eventually. Most new year diets end up with all the weight re-gained, and more. And the jubilation of any temporary gains will fade – leaving only the less-than feeling. 

I love seeing people investing in their dreams and working for their visions. And I love seeing people rest and enjoy the moment. More than these, I love it when the feeling of abundance in the here-and-now replaces less-than. 

You are already enough. Always have been, always will be. Exactly as you are. Whatever that is. 

Now get out there and chase the impossible, or cuddle up under a blanket in front of the fire. OR both. Or neither. 

Because you are 100% already worth it. I know that. Do you?

With Love, Sara

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