I sometimes say Awareness, THIS, our true Self is ordinary. Which might sound derogatory to someone on another path. But I promise you it’s the biggest compliment.

You know that point in a relationship where the initial surprise and excitement has settled into “we’re together”? There’s love, there’s friendship, there’s attraction, but cooking for each other is at least as pleasurable as a fancy meal out. In other words, the initial tension and questioning has given way to a more ordinary mode.

It’s ordinary to kiss my husband when he comes home from work. It’s ordinary to give my nieces huge hugs when I see them. It’s ordinary to turn the red therapy light on for the grumpy old cat when he shouts for it. It’s ordinary to talk to my friend about yoga, adjustable spanners, and the difference between nonduality and pantheism in one five minute conversation. It’s ordinary to be silenced watching a huge barn owl fly by.

Ego is awed. Ego is humbled. Naturally and necessarily. Until ego is ready to give up the possibility of the separate self. Until ego dives into the flame of the true Self. And love, the love that always is, emerges, in the most ordinary possible way.

Awe sees transcendence. And that’s cool. No need to rush.

But awe does not see that transcendence is deeply, intimately, immediately our own Being.

Ordinary sees transcendence, sees it as its own beloved Self.

Be ordinary. It’s awesome.

With Love, Sara

TL;DR: Awe is, by nature, an activity of ego. That’s cool, no need to rush. But, if your exploration hasn’t stalled, the knowing of your own Being becomes the most perfectly ordinary thing.

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