The Sweet Spot for Manipulation

There’s a moment most savvy marketers ask for video testimonials – and that’s right near the end of an event, when everyone is full of the lovey feelings. You might argue that’s the most appropriate time, when the event is still fresh in the mind and the impact is at its highest. Yet we know … Read more

I Don’t Know

A lot of the time, I just don’t know. I don’t have the answers. I do have a lot of questions. I don’t know how to solve the many problems I see in the world. Pretty much the only things that feel true are these: I might be wrong. I don’t know. Sara x Photo … Read more

On Self and Not-Self

Early on in my exploration of this field, there was something in the teaching which accidentally created a sese of three in me. There was Self-with-a-capital-S, who was like an angel sitting on my left shoulder, offering “good” advice. There was self-with-a little-s, who was like a demon on my right shoulder, offering “bad” advice. … Read more


Sometimes, I’m speechless. There are three main reasons for this: One:My inner world is one of cognisance and sensation. Which is superlatively relaxing for someone with total aphantasia. Interacting with the world requires ultra fast mental word descriptions, to replace the absent images. It’s like having to verbally describe a photo in huge detail, instead … Read more

You Don’t Need a Coach

“I don’t need your support,” said a client recently. And I couldn’t agree more. They, and you don’t need a coach. You don’t need to become anything – learn anything, gain anything, lose anything – to be fully you, and to love your self. You, don’t need anyone telling you how to live your life. … Read more


Being fooled does not make you a fool. Reflect back on some time you were fooled by a prank, or tapped a stranger on the shoulder thinking they were your friend, or bought something worthless at an inflated price. You were fooled – by a joke, by appearances, by attractive marketing. And you might have … Read more

What if it’s Not Landing?

One feeling people sometimes express in a nondual exploration is a particular experiment or aspect of teaching doesn’t “land” or they don’t “get”. We often hear that in the book groups for The Complete Book of Awakening – from different people for different explorations, at different times. So, from what we see, here are seven … Read more


The nondual teaching is like a painted sign on a clear glass door that from the outside says, “Bizarrely complex, hard to understand, bit woo, maybe not for me.” But from the inside the same sign reads “Simple.” Let’s try to make it simple from the outside too.

The Front of the Room

In any personal-spiritual development group, there is always someone at the front of the room. But how they show up in the role varies dramatically. Here are a few models: You can probably think of others, most likely hybrids of some of these. And you’ve probably passed through groups with one or more of these … Read more

The Trouble with Dreams

We so often buy into a dream. Into an ideal.
We buy into how we think things could be, should be, ought to be.
Buying in is very different from simply imagining, planning or intending.