Are you Ash, Bay, Clem or Drew?

There are three basic ways awakening shows up. It’s sort of a linear progression, sort of a circle, sort of a venn diagram, sort of a spiral, and sort of a snakes and ladders board. You can enter anywhere, settle anywhere, exit anywhere. And then there is a fourth way, which is a bit like … Read more

Judgment & Forgiveness (Part One)

It might not be a popular opinion to express in spiritual circles, but I’m a big fan of judgment.  In fact, it receives a fair amount of…judgment! So, I had to come up with a better word. Words matter, We often shut down or dismiss a whole topic if we hear words that don’t sit … Read more

The Nondual Flip-Flop

Have you seen this, or experienced it? It’s my special phrase for when there’s a metaphorical thorn in someone’s foot. And they are suffering in that experience. Then they remember, “It’s all awareness!” (Or ‘thought’, ‘love’, ‘an illusion’, etc). And they take that to imply there is no pain, or no thorn. Bliss. But they … Read more