The Kinship 10th September 2020

We love you. We have a question for you: When did you give your power away? Did you forget the most powerful agent for change is joy? The infectiousness of a child’s giggle. A squeal of excitement. A scream of exhilaration. Your joy is the most precious of gifts. Use it. Exercise it. Let it grow strong. Let it be seen in it’s power. Embrace your joy. Yes, even now, especially now. In times of chaos and turbulence it is joy that shines the way. What do you think is happening here? That old story of the caterpillar becoming a

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The Kinship 8th September 2020

This is a message of love, from our hearts to yours. This is not a time to be trying to change the world. Trust us, a new earth is inevitable. And the difference will be beyond your wildest dreams. So stop piffling around with niceties. Now is not the time for pretty. Now is the time for warriors, for the lion-hearted, to rise up. But your love, your strength, your divinity must be fully realised (to the extent that is possible, in your form). We are here, we are willing, and we are waiting. All you need to do is

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The Storm

How did I end up here?
You came into my life like a tempest. Ripping away everything
I thought I knew. Washing away my stories with hailstones.
Throwing me up in the air. Spinning me around until I couldn’t breathe.
Spitting me out.

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The River

Her reverie was broken by her waders being dropped in her lap.
She knew it was time. But still, she made her protest, “Papa,
can’t Egbert go today? He’s your first born and it’s his calling.”

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The Crash

She watched the car heading towards the wall, as though in slow
motion. She knew he was going too fast. She knew the collision
was inevitable. But it seemed to be taking forever.

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The Journey

The wind had changed. It was time to leave. She’d worried over
it for months. When? How? Where? But now it was obvious.
One moment she was there, the next she was gone. Utterly

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The King

The king was the wisest ruler in the history of the nation. Kind, fair, open-hearted, direct. His castle gates stood open every day. People from near and far brought their disputes to him, and left as friends. The king had many admirers, yet he never married. At dusk, he ate a simple supper, and retired alone to his chamber, bolting the heavy door behind him.

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