What happened to the simplicity of living it all, feeling it all, playing, learning, crying, laughing, shouting, running, being deeply serious about something of no consequence, creating for no reason beyond the joy of creation, collecting rocks (that hadn’t been mined, cut and polished at great expense), and rolling down grassy hills?

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The Kinship 7th October 2020

We love you. We’re know this is tough. And we’re sorry. But it is vital that you know this distress. That you know the pits of despair. As a healer, you must walk the dark path. This is the harshest calling. To return to the shadows, over and over. To forget, to feel abandoned. And to discover yourself, over and over. You will remember why. Just know we’re no distance away. We would wipe your tears if we could. We need you to find the way back home, again and again. You light the way for everyone. We love you.

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A pure nondual teaching has only two things to tell you, however fancy the teacher dresses it up to help get the message across.

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The Kinship 21st September 2020

We love you. Right now, you are coming to the end of a cycle. It is a perfect time to tie up loose ends, to let go of that which is no longer aligned to your new vibration. You have been born in this time of miracles as a child of this earth. Like a tree, root yourself firmly in the ground before you reach for the light. If there are business dealings, health issues or relationships needing your attention, now is the time to grow in each of those areas. If you are aligned with your earth and her

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Deborah 12th September 2020

I am very close to you at this time. If you want my blessing, all you need is a dedication to this mission of birthing a new earth. I can tell you that your first (and possibly only) contribution is to know and love yourself exactly as you are. Then open your eyes. There is no time for self-doubt or self-indulgence. Trust me, your worries and debates are also indulgences. It is time to step into your power. If you hear me now, you can call on any one who lets me speak through them, There are a host of

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