the myth of the self

Self-esteem, self-doubt, self-confidence, self-disgust, self-development, self-inflicted, self-esteem, self-sacrificing, self-motivated . . .All focused on the idea of a self, who can be hurt or helped. A self that doesn’t exist.

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shouting love at the world

As we begin to explore who we are, it can seem we need to choose a particular teacher or school. Our essence, however, is reflected back at us in all experience and is found laid bare in the most surprising of places. The opening lyrics to “The Flood” by Take That provide an excellent illustration.

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mending hurt feelings

Have you ever caught yourself making something up in an attempt to justify a situation? To make yourself feel better about circumstances you really don’t like?

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Calming a Busy Mind

If it seems that a busy mind is a problem, then it will likely appear obvious to look for a calm mind. But why is it said, “Want a job done well? Ask a busy person”? In fact, what is a busy mind?

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tired of life?

Does it feel like life or work is too much of a burden? That you’re not getting out what you put in? That too much is expected of you? That somehow you ended up in a situation you never wanted—too much work, too little work, not enough time, not enough fun?

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The endless search for the thing that will grant freedom. From circumstances, from events, from people, from feelings, from thoughts. Punctuated by waves of relief, when it looks like the thing has been found.

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