What is Personal Development?

Maybe it’s having been sick. But when I have lots of time to daydream and drift, I tend to reflect on things in a new way. And this time one topic that entertained me was “personal development”. It’s just a phrase, right, but it is used to cover a multitude of sins and blessings. There are “basic life skills”, taught whilst growing up, or remedially. Like how to tie your shoe laces, disagree without violence, and cook at least one brilliant dinner. Or breathing, if that is where your capacity happens to be. And all of us will need support

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How do you help a loved one who is in a cult?

More and more people are being affected by the online personal-spiritual development cults. How do you know they are in a cult? It’s easy to tell: their personality will change, they will start using words or patterns that aren’t usual for them, they will be spending a lot of time with a particular group (probably spending silly money to do so). They will be over effusive about the cult leader (in a way that seems at odds with what you see), and they will most likely claim to have found their tribe – where they belong, where they are ‘heard’,

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Is it all woo woo?

What if it just wasn’t that woo? What if it wasn’t that quixotic? What if it wasn’t even that esoteric? What if some things are just at the frontiers of science? What if we recognised that everyone has had an experience of being definitely “me”, but doing what the body is doing? We call it dreaming. What if we recognised that everyone has experience of a warp in the space-time continuum? We call it gravity. What if we recognised that we all knew the planets, stars and satellites affected life on earth? The moon and the sun, just to begin

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The Dark Side of Personal Development

Are you doing the spiritual equivalent of scrubbing a basketball court with a toothbrush?

In ye olden dayes, most organised awakening was through the ‘progressive’ path. That doesn’t mean modern and evolved!

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The experience of duality

Kind of a follow up to “What’s the Point of Life?”  One point was experience.  And, just like travelling, the ‘point’ of experience is to experience something different. To see a new place, taste new food, see new customs.  If our essential nature is nondual (which means no separation) then it makes sense that this experience is of duality. A bit like dividing and labelling different land masses as countries. Except duality is not just a part of nonduality. The experience of duality is really the experience of nonduality, described as dual.  Which, if the mind grasps the concept, is

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What’s the Point of Life?

I still have a secret preference for “there is no point”. Which holds true at an ultimate level – the level at which there is no person to ask the question, no time, no change, no nothing.  So, it’s not actually that helpful. A lot of management training simplifies people to an x-axis and a y-axis, crossing in the middle to create quadrants. A friend once summarised the x-axis as “intelligence and the y-axis as “niceness” – and concluded it’s the clever bastards you need to watch out for.  I was wondering if this point is a matrix, but that’s

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Because You Are Already Worth It

We all (well, most all) know that the worth of a person is not in what they achieve. When we’re faced with the big stuff, we know not to measure value by age, athleticism, health, wealth or relationships. Yet in the smaller times, we’re inundated with messages that somehow make right where we are “less than”.  And I do believe the people selling the anti-aging, muscle-building, weight-losing, money-making or relationship-acquiring schemes are doing it with the best of intentions. But I also suspect that there may be a subconscious motivation of they themselves feeling less-than. Could be wrong.  There’s nothing

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Love x Three

You’ve probably heard of the classic Greek agape, eros and philia? Well, this isn’t that.  Most people love with their heads, not their heart or their gut.  By that I mean they experience a mental feeling state of love. It’s very conditional: “I love you because of what you do.” That doesn’t make it wrong. It’s the love that draws people together with common interests. When my aunt was dating recently, she wanted a man who’d cook for her. She found a man who wanted someone to cook for. Of course, there were many other things, but they both had a condition

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Living Life Sideways 2024

The world is turning, apparently. Unless you believe it’s flat. Anyways, I’m being nudged into changing what I’m offering. All my one-off individual calls are moving to members-only, because I think one-off calls without ongoing relationship can do more harm than good. But I’m still selling little blocks of five calls openly. Membership is only £47 for a year. And that’s where I’m going to share my more “woo” stuff – readings, channelings, and so on. There are new weekly groups, on a by-donation basis: * SAE – Shared Awareness Expression. One of the best ways of stabilising awakening is

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The Sweet Spot for Manipulation

There’s a moment most savvy marketers ask for video testimonials – and that’s right near the end of an event, when everyone is full of the lovey feelings. You might argue that’s the most appropriate time, when the event is still fresh in the mind and the impact is at its highest. Yet we know the effect wears off. The forever-friends drift away. And things go back to a kinda-normal… unless we buy in. The Biggest Loser contestants who saw persistent change were the ones who created careers on the back of the show, where their income depended on maintaining

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