At a time when many are pondering New Year’s resolutions, it’s worth looking at what ‘resolution’ means.

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Beyond The Personal

“So, Sara,” I was asked this week, “don’t you get scared, sharing the things you write?” From a personal perspective, that looks like a really important question. Before we go beyond the personal, let’s look at the personal perspective:

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Stay With Me

This understanding I share, it’s not usually a one sentence conversation. Of course, it could be. But not usually. Stay with me.

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Follow Your Heart

If you’ve followed my writing for a while, this title might surprise you. I’m normally talking about Awareness, or not being a body-mind, or some such. And, at first glance, “follow your heart” sounds a bit new age positive thinking for me. The opposite of my normal posts, even. But it’s not. And here’s why:

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The Seen, The Seeing and The Seer

“I know I’ve got a body, because I can see my fingers moving.”

“You can’t tell me that pillar doesn’t exist, I can see it, it looks solid.”

You may have been taught that 100% of experience is coming from your thinking. Or you may have been told there are no things, no body. So why do the fingers and the pillar look real?

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Do Nothing

You might have heard “do nothing”, or “there’s nothing to be done”. And, indeed, there is no step from you to You. No intermediary, no technique, no process. To glimpse true nature is as gentle as the pause at the end of an in-breath. But yet . . .

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Where Did it All Go Wrong?

Where did it all go wrong? You’re rolling along nicely, then the wheels come right off the bus. An illness, a redundancy, a business collapse, a bereavement, the end of a relationship, a crisis.

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