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The Dark Side of Personal Development

Are you doing the spiritual equivalent of scrubbing a basketball court with a toothbrush?

In ye olden dayes, most organised awakening was through the ‘progressive’ path. That doesn’t mean modern and evolved!

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The experience of duality

Kind of a follow up to “What’s the Point of Life?”  One point was experience.  And, just like travelling, the ‘point’ of experience is to

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Love x Three

You’ve probably heard of the classic Greek agape, eros and philia? Well, this isn’t that.  Most people love with their heads, not their heart or

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Living Life Sideways 2024

The world is turning, apparently. Unless you believe it’s flat. Anyways, I’m being nudged into changing what I’m offering. All my one-off individual calls are

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I Don’t Know

A lot of the time, I just don’t know. I don’t have the answers. I do have a lot of questions. I don’t know how

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On Self and Not-Self

Early on in my exploration of this field, there was something in the teaching which accidentally created a sese of three in me. There was

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