And Now What?

Today’s post is in answer to “and now what?”

You might not have that question, in which case, just skip past. There’s no need to go looking for problems that don’t exist.

Here’s how the question arises:

1) “I know I’m not this body, or this mind . . . so, who am I?”

2) “It’s all Awareness, there’s nothing actually happening . . . so, how do I see the world?”

A common answer to both is something along the lines of “you are the space in which all this arises”. A brilliant answer. Totally coherent. And it’s valid, important even, to see your sense of identity shift from limited and finite, to infinite and unbounded. It’s perfect to explore this space, this vastness, until it is utterly real for you, as You.

Sooner or later, though, you might notice a feeling of separation from the world. That relief that came with being the space, the watcher, now seems to distance you from the world you perceive, and from the activities and relationships you experience.

Hence “and now what?”

As my colleague Ali Scott wonderfully describes it, this is the perfect wobble.

It’s not comfortable.

And that discomfort will likely take us in one of two directions. Either outward, to the apparent world, or inward, to where there is no longer a world “out there” that is separate from you.

Here’s the thing: there is no world “out there” separate from you. The perceptions of the world, the perceptions of experience are real—within Awareness, made of Awareness, remaining within Awareness. The singular reality. It’s not surprising the realisation of this comes with a wobble, with resistance.

Yes, that sounds like a choice—but there is no chooser. If it makes most sense to you to look to the world, you’ll do so. If it makes most sense to you to stay with the exploration, you will.

The exploration can take many forms. The best teacher is silence. But, silence may come to you through a guide, a friend, nature, art, sport, reading, listening, watching, doing.

Whatever form it takes, keep exploring.

With Love,


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