Most of us, in one moment or another, find our thoughts turn to something we want, that we don't have. A friendship. Food on the table. Money. Physical health. A thriving business. To publish a book. The perfect lover. It might be a fleeting sense of lack, or a backdrop to our days.

Abundance and Lack

“Home is where the heart is.”

It is so easy to assume that home is located in space – tied to this landscape, this house, with these people and animals. Somewhere we can leave, and return to.

Or that home is located in time. Somewhere gone forever, or somewhere yet to come.

Or that home is carried in the human heart from birth to death, like a talisman, or an inbuilt compass.

Yet home is not a time, a place or a people. Home is not located in the human body.

Home is our true nature. Home is who we are. At home, we see the love that we are reflected back at us everywhere, and more, that we are one with it.

Even as the human ego journeys home, slowly being stripped bare of the conditioning that binds it to the idea of the separate self – even then, who we are can never be away from Home, or need to get back there. And this calls us.

Calls us home. 


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