And if who we are is what is sought, the search stops here.

Who I Am

Hi, I'm Sara

I'm a writer, a coach, a teacher, a wife, and a serf to several rescue cats. My own journey over the last 30 years has taken me through diverse fields. It all brings me to a place where I can share what's most important: that the path to happiness is in knowing our own Self, and in learning to love who we are in the world. And that's the very beginning of compassionate action.

What I Do

My passion is in empowering others to reclaim their sense of self in relationships, in work, in anything. 

The core of my work is in teaching nonduality, because the evidence shows this is the most reliable route to fundamental wellbeing – regardless of circumstances. I add in human design, intuitive coaching, readings and more to make this a rounded offering. 

I can teach deep nondual philosophy and I can tackle head-on the biggest things in life that keep you stuck – the skill comes in not mixing these up.

My logic is that happy, grounded people make better choices for themselves, and are of greater service in their chosen roles. 

And my experience is that we can achieve this in a way that has integrity, authenticity, and laughter – without the need to adopt (or drop) any particular religious, political or lifestyle beliefs.



  • BA (hons) Theology, University of Durham
  • MSc in IT, University of York
  • Post-Grad Certificate in Teaching for Further Education, University of Dundee
  • Post-Grad Award with Distinction in Psychology, University of Liverpool


  • Various IT process and security qualifications
  • Soft skills training in time-management, writing and leadership
  • Advanced Remedial Massage Therapy (including Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and multiple hands-on methodlogies)  with Scottish Massage Schools
  • Intermediate Pilates Matwork & Equipment Teaching with Body Control Pilates


  • Innate Wellbeing Facilitator
  • Fundamental Wellbeing training from The Finders Dr Jeffery Martin (including the exclusive TLC programme)
  • Various Three Principles trainings (with Dicken Bettinger, Joe Bailey, Rudi Kennard, Jenny Elleray, and more)
  • Nonduality in-person teachings from Rupert Spira and Ellen Emmet
  • Human Design intensive self-study, following original training materials
  • Esoteric Arts (with The Sage Method, My Inner Witch, Empaths & Light Beings, and more)
  • Happiness Facilitator with The Museum of Happiness
  • Member of the Association for Spiritual Integrity
  • More to come… :) 


I’ve lived enough life to know what doesn’t work. To see through what is temporary. And to be really clear on who I am and what I’m not.

This isn’t a dramatic story of overcoming trauma or transcending toxicity—though, trust me, just because I don’t promote my own disasters, there have been plenty. Nor is it a tale of an explosive breakthrough enlightenment—those make good entertainment, but frequently suggest the simplicity of awakening is way more complex than it actually is. And I’m not naïve enough to turn my own experiences into a check list for others to follow. I realise that my background is what brought me to where I am today, and for that I am grateful.

My childhood was without boundaries, with no fear of anybody or anything. Even school rules seemed to bend gently around me, whatever I did. I spent my time hanging upside down from trees, reading books, daydreaming, racing boys, and teaching in social clubs and my own teachers’ classrooms. Encouraged at an early age to code (well before it was widespread), I naturally explored different paths of learning and communicating. Even the pains of puberty and a serious back injury brought emancipation—I found the sense of transcending the physical to soar free as the owl in the night sky.

Exploration for its own sake has resulted in qualifications in more than one field: degrees, post-grad study and professional qualifications in theology, psychology, technology, process, education, anatomy, physiology, massage, energy work and divination. Talents in learning quickly, making myself at home in new situations, and reading between the lines have brought me successful careers in the diverse worlds of corporate IT and physical wellbeing. These environments showed me that all most people want is to be happy, but they search in all the wrong places. From being naturally happy I developed a deep interest in how on-going happiness can be found and maintained.

There have been pivotal moments in my journey which have brought me to my knees. Never afraid of the unknown, each time I have been called to surrender everything I thought I knew, and immerse myself in the raw honesty of human experience. I inherited enough stubbornness to not take anyone else’s word for anything. Sometimes working things out for myself has included emergency trips to the doctor, but overall it has gifted me a deeply embodied clarity, that goes beyond an intellectual understanding.

My mostly humanist, slightly pantheist, upbringing suggested two things: nothing is separate or left out; whoever I am, I can know the whole. Now, these early touchstones come together in Awareness—the ever-present love, freedom, peace, joy, beauty and abundance of our true nature.

Through self-reflection, logic, inspiration, a lot of study, I have come to a point in life where I can guide an exploration of the nature of being, in a way that is both personal and universal.  This exploration has no beginning and no end. I promise nothing other than steadfast love as we journey together towards the truth of who we are, and my support in the glorious, messy, embodied living of it all.

With Love, Sara

Working With Me

Living Life Sideways is the simplest thing we can do, but we've been trained to make it complicated. Awakening is a return to living from source, without losing the skills and experiences of a lifetime. This is not a linear process, but an alchemy of healing, understanding the nature of our being, and knowing ourself in the world without filters. In other words, a blending of nondual philosophy, resilient wellbeing, and real life spirituality.

Integrity In Spiritual Teaching

As a spiritual teacher, coach or guide, I commit to:

  1. Empowering you.
  2. Living what I teach.
  3. Upholding the standards of mutual respect, compassion and safety. 
  4. Being honest about my scope and referring when appropriate.
  5. Remaining open to questions, to being wrong, and to my own growth.

As a client, you commit to:

  1. Showing up for yourself.
  2. Ensuring you are clear on the basis of our work together.
  3. Upholding the standards of mutual respect, compassion and safety. 
  4. Being honest about what support you need.
  5. Never being afraid to question, challenge or raise concerns.