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Because true spirituality is found in the living of it all.

About Sara

Who I Am
I'm Sara. My job is to empower you. Whether that's through listening, coaching, nondual teaching, readings, channeling, mentoring, courses, events or clubs. When we work together, it's not about me, it's about you. We'll address the things that don't sit easy with you and the things that look impossible. Including sometimes asking the difficult questions that can help you break free of old patterns. And we'll celebrate exactly where you are at. I'll hold space for your insight and your own realisations as you explore, establish and embrace all of what it is to be YOU.​
What I Do
My passion is in empowering others to reclaim their sense of self in relationships, in work, in anything.  The core of my work is in teaching nondual awakening, because the evidence shows this is the most reliable route to fundamental wellbeing - regardless of circumstances. I add in coaching at all levels and wider spirituality, because that's where most of life is at. My logic is that happy, grounded people make better choices for themselves, and are of greater service in their chosen roles.  And my experience is that we can achieve this in a way that has integrity, authenticity, and laughter - without the need to adopt (or drop) any particular religious, political or lifestyle beliefs.
Qualifications & Experience 1
BA (hons) Theology, University of Durham
MSc in Information Processing, Computers and the Man-Machine Interface, University of York
Post-Grad Certificate in Teaching for Further Education, University of Dundee
Post-Grad Award with Distinction in Psychology, University of Liverpool
Qualifications & Experience 2
I worked in Consulting and IT for 15 years, during which time I gained various technical, process, security, and soft-skills training in time-management, writing and leadership.
I ran a bodywork business for 10 years, with advanced qualitifcations in remedial massage therapy and intermediate qualifications in Pilates matwork & equipment teaching. I am SQA Assessor trained.
Qualifications & Experience 3
I've worked as a spiritual coach for over 10 years, with the following qualifications and training:
Innate Wellbeing Facilitator, Fundamental Wellbeing Mentor (CSNCS), Museum of Happiness Facilitator,
Three Principles trainings (including Dicken Bet,inger, Joe Bailey & Keith Blevens), Nonduality teachings from Rupert Spira and Ellen Emmet, Human Design intensive self-study, following original training materials, Psychic Development (with The Sage Method, My Inner Witch, WDA, Healers Rising, Empaths & Light Beings, Dragonspired, and more). Member of the Association for Spiritual Integrity More to come... :) 
Qualifications & Experience 4
Integrity is at the heart of my work. This includes respect for power differentials, working within scope, transparent intention and honest teaching. I have been trained by:
The Professional Boundaries Company
Right Use of Power Institute
And professionalism training within corporate and bodywork disciplines.
I am a special advisor to the Association for Spiritual Integrity.
Living Life Sideways
Living Life Sideways is seeing behind the facade to the reality of life, experience and self.
It is the simplest thing we can do, but we've been trained to make it complicated. It is a return to living from source, without losing the skills and experiences of a lifetime.
This is not a linear process, but an alchemy of handling practicalities, understanding the nature of our being, and knowing ourself in the world without filters.
In other words, a blending of real life nondual awakening, empowered wellbeing, and unveiling spirituality.
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About Living Life Sideways


Claiming your power in daily life: getting unstuck from dilemmas, exploring intuitive human design, and enjoying practical creation.
Movie set facade and scaffolding
On old movie sets, it was common to create a facade, supported by scaffolding, instead of full buildings. From the front it looked real, but from the side you knew it was something else entirely. Knowing this doesn't change the enjoyment of the movie - indeed it might be enhanced by knowing what everything is made of. Having seen behind the facade of life, you can't be fooled by appearances any more - even as you willingly engage with what shows up.

About Nonduality

Everything I do is founded on a nondual understanding of life. Nonduality is a way of describing the essence of reality: “one with no second”. Which might seem odd when life is clearly full of a lot of things – though I’ve never yet met a nondual teacher for who these things disappear.


What nondual awakening offers is the perspective of a single point of origin of all experience. A bit like tracing your DNA back to a mitochondrial Eve, only infinitely more so.


What it isn’t is the type of spirituality you put in a box for high days and holidays. Nor is a free pass from the contact sport of life.


Nonduality includes you, how you think, what you feel. It is not going to make you okay with all the pain and injustice in the world. In fact, you might end up feeling life more strongly, more intimately, more empathetically.


I talk about ‘happiness’ a lot. But happiness for me is innate wellbeing – a whole range from gentle peacefulness to ecstatic joy. With one no better than the other. Happiness is more accurately the feeling of integrated wholeness, and of knowing that is who you are at your core.


Nondual awakening is about being you: this unique expression of the infinite. It’s about knowing yourself as brilliantly, compassionately, authentically, unconditionally you. It stands as your foundation for truly inspired living – whether as a campaigner, an entrepreneur, a creative, a caregiver, a partner, a leader, a teacher, an adventurer – as YOU.

About Integrity

Integrity is at the heart of my work. This includes acknowledging the power differentials inherent in any professional relationship, and working actively to ensure that power is not misused. A teacher or coach can innocently manipulate clients to feed their own sense of lack or need. This is why self-reflection, ethics training, peer support and continued evolution are so important.

Integrity In Spiritual Teaching

As a spiritual teacher, coach or guide, I commit to:

  1. Empowering you.
  2. Living what I teach.
  3. Upholding the standards of mutual respect, compassion and safety. 
  4. Being honest about my scope and referring when appropriate.
  5. Remaining open to questions, to being wrong, and to my own growth.

As a client, you commit to:

  1. Showing up for yourself.
  2. Ensuring you are clear on the basis of our work together.
  3. Upholding the standards of mutual respect, compassion and safety. 
  4. Being honest about what support you need.
  5. Never being afraid to question, challenge or raise concerns.
Association for Spiritual Integrity

Association for Spiritual Integrity
Transforming the paradigm of spiritual leadership

The mission of the Association for Spiritual Integrity℠ (ASI) is to foster the fundamental role of strong ethical principles in the ongoing development of spiritual leaders and communities.

The ASI is a voluntary, inclusive, international organization of spiritual leaders, teachers and guides.

Membership is open to anyone in a position of spiritual leadership who agrees to abide by the ASI Honor Code of Ethics and Good Practice.