When we reach a fork in the road, and the paths diverge, it’s not always immediately obvious. It’s like when you pull off a main road onto a slip road in defiance of the satnav, and it takes a while for the machine to adjust its route.

We’re at that point where the parting of the ways is becoming more visible.

One path continues the evolution of the last two thousand years:

  • The emphasis on personal development;
  • The focus on getting in touch with our emotions;
  • The ongoing work to overcome the feeling of not being good enough.

The other path marks a step change:

  • An absence of belief in a person who needs to be developed, instead an enthusiastic exploration of the infinite unique ways in which it is possible for life to be expressed and known;
  • An ability to see through the roller coaster of emotions to a deeper clarity;
  • A shift of focus from “how do I feel about myself?” to “what service do I bring?” And this without denying that our happiness is our truest service, but that happiness does not come from trying to secure a non-existent self.

What does this mean? It means you’ll be side-by-side with people who are having very different experiences. Not in the “we think differently” sense, More like two overlapping worlds. The old, with an increasing emotion-fueled distress and troubling experience. The new, with an increasing collective joy and experience of wholeness. For the last few years, many of us have had a foot in both worlds, but soon that won’t be possible.

What can we do, when we find ourselves commenting meanly when we’re triggered, when we’re hurt by an attitude (our own or someone else’s) or where lack seems to prevail? For the avoidance of doubt, I’m drawing on things I’ve done or felt in the last week, as examples of the darker conditioning most of us still carry.

What can we do? The same things we always do, classified by the Sedona Method as:

  • Choose to let go of the unwanted feeling;
  • Welcome the feeling, and allow the emotion just to be;
  • Dive into the very core of the emotion;
  • Dissolve the opposing polarities we all carry;
  • See through the feeling to the effortless Awareness that is right behind it;
  • Try to take over the world. No wait, that last one is Pinky and the Brain. Scrub that.

One of them will probably appeal more to you than the others. That’s cool. Most of us move through versions of all of them, over time. None of them (apart from trying to take over the world) are about securing a non-existent self, none of them (with the obvious exception) are about making the person feel more established. Trying to take over the world is not recommended, it’s putting you at war with your Self. The other five are ways we naturally come home to our Self.

We know our happiness is our truest service.
We will find this is much easier if we’re not busy trying to secure a non-existent self.
The only reason we hold on to conditioning is because it looks important for our safety.
The only reason we wouldn’t try to secure a separate self is when we know there isn’t one.

This isn’t about positive thinking. It’s about knowing who we are, and integrating the happiness, peace, love, and freedom of that knowing into our daily lives.

We’re seeing a parting of the ways.
Do you know which path you’re on?

With Love,

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