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In realising our own essential Self as timeless, aware presence, nothing is lost. There was never a single thing to lose. Everything is just as it ever was. But known. Known in the full, delicious, raw beauty of it all. Known clearly as our own true nature.

With Love, Sara

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I often say “engage rather than consume.” This reflects my experience of how explorers get stuck in intellectual understanding, instead of coming to a fully embodied experience of Awareness. By engaging in the conversation, blocks to understanding are brought to light and addressed.

I host a weekly group call, during which I record a short teach-in, guided exploration or discussion piece to meet the questions of the group. These calls and recent recordings are available for an accessible subscription.  

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Someone once told me, “There’s no such thing as a ‘healer’.” I believed them at the time, but now I don’t. Healing is simply rebalancing. Physically, mentally, emotionally, even environmentally. There may be a wound, a debt, or simply conditioned patterns that no longer serve. The rebalancing of healing does not mean “make it like it never happened”, nor does it necessarily mean the body will not die – death may be the healing.

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“I know it’s all Awareness/nothingness/God/not separate, but… ” If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard a variation of this… well I’d have a big pile of pennies. Thing is the “but… ” refutes the “I know”. It doesn’t refute the knowing, it refutes the clarity of seeing and expression of that knowing.

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Somewhere along the line we were sold the lie that an enlightened personality would show up a certain way: peaceful, flowing, unattached but deeply emotional. And this has, not surprisingly led to some odd behaviour from people who want to be enlightened, who think they are enlightened or just want to be seen as enlightened.

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What is "Living Life Sideways"?

On old movie sets, it was common to create a facade, supported by scaffolding, instead of full buildings. From the front it looked real, but from the side you knew it was something else entirely. Knowing this doesn’t change the enjoyment of the movie – indeed it might be enhanced by knowing what everything is made of. Having seen behind the facade of life, you can’t be fooled by appearances any more – even as you willingly engage with what shows up.