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Discovering Oneness
Embracing Wholeness

Hi, I'm Sara. My job is to empower you. To celebrate where you are at. And to hold space for your own insight and realisation as you explore, establish and embrace all of what it is to be YOU.

Integrity is at the heart of my work. This includes acknowledging the power differentials inherent in any professional relationship, and working actively to ensure that power is used appropriately. I support self-reflection, ethics training, peer support and continued evolution for all teachers and coaches.

Living Life Sideways - Three Ways


Claiming your power in daily life: getting unstuck from dilemmas, exploring intuitive human design, and enjoying practical creation.


Coming to an enduring, stable, functional nondual awakening: realising reality, including intellect, and navigating nuance.


Going beyond the mundane: deep mentoring, exploring the psychic phenomena of nondual awareness, readings, channeling and fun.


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