Living Life Sideways: The Nondual Way
Empowering you.

You'll have landed here for one of three reasons:

- you feel stuck in life or relationships in some way, and you want help;
- you are interested in nonduality and you want to explore more, in a fresh, modern way;
- you were looking for something else, and you came here by accident.

You are all welcome to stay and have a look around.
It comes down this - we want to be happy. Brilliantly, compassionately, authentically, unconditionally happy.That is your birthright, and your gift to the world.

Because when your happiness is unconditional, it stands as your foundation for truly inspired living - whether as a campaigner, an entrepreneur, a creative, a caregiver, a partner, a leader, a teacher, an adventurer - as YOU.
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Hi, I'm Sara. My job is to empower you in your relationship with yourself, with others and with the world. When we work together, it's not about me, it's about you. We'll address the things that don't sit easy with you and the things that look impossible. We're breaking free of expectation and assumption, both those put upon us and those we project. I'll hold space for your insight and your own realisations. We'll explore, establish and embrace what it is to be YOU.


Finding the power to be your own best friend. Addressing habits and patterns of behaviour in all relationships. Learning how to align your life with what matters most to you.


Exploring the nondual nature of being as a route into a deeply integrated life. Getting clear on who you are. Sparking the alchemy in your own soul that unlocks freedom, peace and joy.


Living the apparent duality in the knowing it is not dual. Getting excited about being human, and all that it entails. Playing with possibility in all realms and dimensions.

Here's what I offer...

Individual Conversation

A one off zoom call or local meeting to talk about what you want to talk about. This can cover nonduality, resilient wellbeing, or spirituality - anything within my scope. I use a variety of approaches, all focused on your needs. If you aren't sure, ask before you book.

Groups & Courses

From time to time, I'll host a real-time group, either online or in-person. There are also hybrid courses that you can follow at your own pace, with checkpoint conversations included. Moving forward, retreats (group and individual) will be offered here too.


My first book - quintessence - was published by River Grove in 2019. It offers a poetic journey through the nondual teaching. I also provide a range of merchandise with a spiritual or nondual inspiration, including my hand-drawn Lenormand card deck.

Why "Living Life Sideways"?

Movie set facade and scaffolding
On old movie sets, it was common to create a facade, supported by scaffolding, instead of full buildings. From the front it looked real, but from the side you knew it was something else entirely. Knowing this doesn't change the enjoyment of the movie - indeed it might be enhanced by knowing what everything is made of. Having seen behind the facade of life, you can't be fooled by appearances any more - even as you willingly engage with what shows up.

I have one aim: to empower you in uncovering the innate peace, freedom and joy that will guide you in the full-hearted living of life.

Living Life Sideways supports your journey to an ever clearer expression of your own highest ideals and insights.

With you on the nondual way,

My work is not suggested to be an alternative to medical referral, psychological treatment or specialist training. It stands alongside and supports these modalities.