Living Life Sideways:
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You’ll probably have landed here for one of these reasons:

* you feel stuck in life or relationships in some way, and you want help
* you are interested in nonduality and you want to explore more, in a fresh, modern way
* you are ready to play with life and work, and get the most from it all
* you want support in your work as a helper: coach, teacher, leader…
* you were looking for something else, and you came here by accident.

You are all welcome to stay and have a look around.

Hi, I'm Sara. My job is to empower you. Whether that's through coaching, nondual teaching, readings, mentoring, courses, events or clubs. When we work together, it's not about me, it's about you. We'll address the things that don't sit easy with you and the things that look impossible. Including sometimes asking the difficult questions that can help you break free of old patterns. I'll hold space for your insight and your own realisations as you explore, establish and embrace all of what it is to be YOU.


Finding the power to be your own best friend. Addressing habits and patterns of behaviour in all relationships - with self, others and the world. Learning how to align your life with what matters most to you.
Begin with the "Getting Unstuck" programme, and follow up with ongoing coaching designed around you.

Nondual Teaching

Exploring the nondual nature of being as a route into a deeply integrated life. Getting clear on who you are. Sparking the flame in your own soul that ignites freedom, peace and joy.
Start with six weeks of coaching focused on the awakening journey, then freestyle support as it makes sense to you.

Mentoring: Helping the helpers

For anyone who is a helper and needs a safe space to talk about what's going on for you. Helpers often don't give themselves the same love they give their clients. Supportive conversation that can go anywhere, always with the intention that you can be fully yourself in all of life.

Here's what I offer...

Individual Conversation

A one off zoom call or local meeting to talk about what you want to talk about. This can cover nonduality, resilient wellbeing, spirituality or normal life - anything within my scope. I use a variety of approaches, all focused on your needs. If you aren't sure, ask before you book.

Groups & Courses

From time to time, I'll host a real-time group, either online or in-person. There are also hybrid courses that you can follow at your own pace, with checkpoint conversations included. Moving forward, retreats (group and individual) will be offered here too.


My first book - quintessence - was published by River Grove in 2019. It offers a poetic journey through the nondual teaching. The Complete Book of Awakening was published by Thoughtful Raven in 2022. I also provide a range of merchandise with a spiritual or nondual inspiration, including my hand-drawn Lenormand card deck.

Latest Article

The Nondual Flip-Flop

Have you seen this, or experienced it?

It’s my special phrase for when there’s a metaphorical thorn in someone’s foot. And they are suffering in that experience.

Then they remember, “It’s all awareness!” (Or ‘thought’, ‘love’, ‘an illusion’, etc). And they take that to imply there is no pain, or no thorn. Bliss.

But they don’t do anything about the thorn, or the pain.

Soon enough, they are suffering again.

Then ‘remembering’ again.

Flipping into bliss, flopping into despair. And nothing changes.

The bliss becomes addictive. The hit of relief of falling out of despair for a moment. And the chase gets progressively harder.

It’s exhausting. Like riding the same roller coaster over and over, faster and faster.

It blocks our deepening understanding.

It’s not aligned with our direct experience. And it’s illogical.

At the level where there is no thorn in experience, there is no foot, no owner of the foot, no before, no after, no thing.

At the level where ‘foot’ is in experience, then thorn and pain are its valid companions.

Yes, recall that it’s all awareness, or return to flow, ground yourself, whatever your phrase is.

Then ask: “What’s next?” In longer form, this means: Now I am centred and grounded, what is the next expression of that sense of flow, within this very human experience? But the short form works better!

If the thorn hasn’t dissolved in the light like a miniature vampire, there’s a very good case for removing it, and using appropriate medical treatments to clean and repair the wound.

This stops the nondual flip-flop in its tracks. And you can finally get off the roller coaster. Which, ironically, is the biggest possible relief.

Love, Sara

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

Judgment & Forgiveness (Part One)

It might not be a popular opinion to express in spiritual circles, but I’m a big fan of judgment.  In fact, it receives a fair amount of…judgment! So, I had to come up with a better word. Words matter, We often shut down or dismiss a whole topic if we

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Sometimes, I’m speechless. There are three main reasons for this: One:My inner world is one of cognisance and sensation. Which is superlatively relaxing for someone with total aphantasia. Interacting with the world requires ultra fast mental word descriptions, to replace the absent images. It’s like having to verbally describe a

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You Don’t Need a Coach

“I don’t need your support,” said a client recently. And I couldn’t agree more. They, and you don’t need a coach. You don’t need to become anything – learn anything, gain anything, lose anything – to be fully you, and to love your self. You, don’t need anyone telling you

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Everything I do is founded on a nondual understanding of life. Which might seem odd when life is clearly full of a lot of things. And I’ve never yet met a nondual teacher for who these things disappear.

Nonduality is a way of describing the essence of reality: “one with no second”. What this offers is a single point of origin of all experience. A bit like tracing your DNA back to a mitochondrial Eve, only infinitely more so.

What it ISN’T is the type of spirituality you put in a box for high days and holidays. Nor is a free pass from the contact sport of life.

Nonduality includes you, how you think, what you feel. It is not going to make you okay with all the pain and injustice in the world. In fact, you might end up feeling life more strongly, more intimately, more empathetically.

I talk about ‘happiness’ a lot. But happiness for me is a whole range from gentle peacefulness to ecstatic joy. With one no better than the other. Happiness is more accurately the feeling of integrated wholeness, and of knowing that is who you are at your core.

Nonduality is about being you: this unique expression of the infinite. It’s about  knowing yourself as brilliantly, compassionately, authentically, unconditionally you. It stands as your foundation for truly inspired living – whether as a campaigner, an entrepreneur, a creative, a caregiver, a partner, a leader, a teacher, an adventurer – as YOU.

I have one aim: to empower you in uncovering the innate peace, freedom and joy that will guide you in the full-hearted living of life.

Living Life Sideways supports your journey to an ever clearer expression of your own highest ideals and insights.

With you on the nondual way,